Pubblicato da Edelia Su mar 12, 2018
C'è grande attesa per il nostro nuovo sito web e per come esso modificherà il nostro modo di comunicare.
Esso nasce attraverso l'utilizzo di un sistema, gia' in uso presso molti altri Rotary Club nel mondo, ClubRunner, basato su un data base remoto all'interno del quale, in maniera sicura ed inaccessibile a terzi, vengono registrati i dati, le comunicazioni, le informazioni e tutto quant'altro gravita nel mondo Rotary ed, in particolare, in quello del nostro Club Napoli Nord.
It is a database-backed membership communication tool. Accessible by all club members, it allows you to communicate much more effectively, as well as saves you valuable time. Online registrations for events and volunteer activities, automatic email services, and an integrated e-Bulletin, among other features, makes it easy to promote your club's activities.

The website features easy to use content management tools, where you don't need to know HTML or FTP to update it. Accessible by any club member with a browser and Internet connection, it stays current with less effort.

Doxess, the creators of ClubRunner, welcome any comments or suggestions, and of course, bug reports. All correspondence related to ClubRunner is to be forwarded to For more information on ClubRunner, visit their website at